Glamping Vs Camping- Which outdoor experience is right for you?

Posted on July 4th, 2024 by Admin

Travel gives immense pleasure to your nerves. Sometimes, a little escape is what we all need. During this monsoon, you can go on adventure camping and explore the unexplored beauty of nature, or enjoy comfortable glamping at any beautiful site. The choice is yours. 

Choosing the right place and the amenities and activities that come along with it, is completely a personal choice. We all have different tastes when it comes to travel. Pitching a tent at your favorite spot, arranging a campfire, and experiencing the thrill of adventurous activities is a different kind of vibe. On the other side, there is glamping , where you can immerse yourself in the luxury of a glamp site.

For nature lovers, both camping and glamping are going to be the most likely options. But they are different in some ways. 

In this blog, I will help you choose the right outdoor experience for you. Glamping or Camping? Let’s see! 

What is Camping?

Camping is an activity that is so close to reconnecting with nature. This is something every nature enthusiast enjoys. In simple terms, camping is the process of setting up a tent in the wilderness without any kind of luxury. You backpack, pitch a tent, set up a fire, cook your own food, and get involved in an outdoor adventure like nature walking, trekking, or hiking.

Unlike traditional camping, we have a lot of camping sites where certain resorts and tent stays provide us with the facilities of nature camping. We cannot expect luxury other than clean and safe tents, food, and basic amenities. Typically, these campsites are located inside the forests, to fully feel the wilderness of nature. They also offer some kinds of activities such as trekking, stream hiking, wildlife safaris, off-road rides etc. 

What is Glamping?

Glamping is such a vibe for individuals who enjoy some kind of glamor with camping. Glamping is a more elevated version of camping and it provides a luxury that traditional camping lacks. You can have a comfortable stay at specially arranged tents that have full-sized beds, electricity, and furniture such as tables and chairs. 

They set up a hot tub or swimming pool for you to enjoy your day. Some glampsites have natural pools. 

The difference between camping and glamping

Whether it’s camping or glamping, they give us two entirely different experiences. The major difference is the type of stay, amenities and cost. 

The stay 

When camping, you have to bring your own tent and find a space where you can set up your shelter. It is completely up to your freedom as to  how you choose to do it. Also, you can call upon tent resorts that offer adventure camping. They provide you with  tents and you will have to pay for them. Either way, camping is reliable, eco friendly, and more enjoyable. 

Glamping on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to choose from diverse options. The stay is more comfortable, luxurious, and safe. You will have more stylish tents, with extra space. You don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy your outdoors with unmatched comfort. 

The amenities and experiences

Camping is more like finding your own adventure, though the amenities are limited. In normal camping, you have basic amenities such as space to erect a tent, dining areas, and restrooms. You can bathe in the forest streams, enjoy trekking and go on off-road rides.

Most glampsites are equipped with modern amenities. Although the amenities depend on the gamping experience you choose. In premium packages, you would get spa facilities and luxury food. Glamping offers free wifi, hot tubs, and furnished restrooms for guests. The activities depend on the area where you are glamping. If it’s a forest, you can experience adventurous outdoor activities. 

The cost 

Camping is a low-budget activity. Many campsites offer budget-friendly adventure camping that includes outdoor activities in their package. If you are backpacking, you do not need to be concerned about additional expenses. Overall, anyone who is into adventure, can opt for camping without a second thought. It’s a cost effective, thrilling, and therapeutic experience. 

Glamping is a luxurious activity as the name suggests. With luxury comes cost. The expense will depend on the location you choose to go camping and the services it offers. More services will cost you more money, but the comfort is extravagant. 


Both camping and glamping are fantastic experiences. Before going on a trip, consider these things and choose the best outdoor experience for you. 

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