A journey to the unknown..

Posted on November 29th, 2023 by Admin

Welcome to the era of disappointments and canceled trips. Adulthood is the most difficult phase of everyone’s life. We are stuck somewhere between the blues and yellows. Social media platforms are masking our true personalities and compelling us to lead a happy life and to wear a happy face. 

We can’t always hide what our inner-selves want? Travel is not a solution; it’s in our blood. See yourself wandering through the woods, disconnected from the crowd and fake faces. A complete journey to the unknown!


Return to nature 

Do you love mysteries and secrets? What about making a journey into the unknown mysteries of nature? Sounds amazing, right? 

Every living thing in nature has a story to tell. Wildflowers, crimson-colored rocks under the streams, diamond drops of water, green valleys, and the singing birds are communicating with each other through melodious whispers. 

Wild forests are miracles. Nobody knows what life feels like there. The murky nights and cozy days are waiting for us, waiting to be explored. 

Get lost in the woods

Every place has a corner that is unexplored. There is magic waiting to be discovered. I love the idea of getting lost in the woods, all alone. I know it sounds a little creepy, though every step is an adventure and each rustle of leaves holds the promise of discovery. 

Every hidden stream in the forest has a tale of adventure to share with us. The tale of forgotten journeys and treasured memories. 

Pluck a daffodil and feel its tenderness in your hands. Witness the charm of sunlight filtering through the leaves and creating shadows of magic. Set up a tent and explore adventure camping. Eavesdrop on the rhythm of birds, waterfalls, and the untamed nature of wonders. 

Welcoming the unknown 

Nature is like a canvas, painted beautifully by an expert. The colors of nature have always amazed me. The shades of green-emerald, jade, and chartreuse. The delicate patterns of butterfly wings are blended with red, pink, and black. Golden lights, layers of oranges in the sky, purple flowers, and billions and billions of colorful treasures are waiting to be seen. 

We find peace and solace in the heart of the woods. Each step feels like an invitation to nature’s soul. Each path gives us the thrill of discovery and amusement.

And finally, the unknown became a friend rather than a fear. The physical exploration of the woods turned into the journey of the soul and  the discovery of minds. 

Find beauty, peace, and happiness in the woods, embrace the unknown, and enjoy the phase of adulting!

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